Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sweet Seduction Series: No Two Books Are Ever The Same!

It never fails to amaze me that each story I write has its own pace. Its very own winding path through the highs and lows of falling in love. 

I write romance stories, because I love a happy ending, but time and again I am surprised by how the story unfolds as I press down on the keys of my laptop.

I usually have a goal in mind, an end point I want my characters to reach, but someone asked me the other day if I had the entire story mapped out in my head when I start it. Well, simply put, I don't.

And here is where the truly wonderful part of being a writer, for me, takes off. Sometimes the characters sizzle from page one. Sometimes it's a slow burn, a build up of sexual tension that explodes at the end. And sometimes it's sweet and tender, mixed in with a little hot and heavy.

No two stories are alike, and they deserve their very own place in the ideal of romance.

When I started the Sweet Seduction Series it was the first time I had tried a 'single title' series. That is a series with a different main character in each book, enabling a HEA for that couple by the end of each instalment.

I was determined that no two romances would be the same, that no two couples would be the same, or have the same highs & lows. And although the series is a Romantic Suspense series, some are more suspenseful than others. Each book stands on its own, only linked through the environment, not the story and romance unfolding.

In book one, Sacrifice, my goal was shock and awe from the start. Dominic was always going to sweep Genevieve off her feet from day one.

Book two, Serenade, was more of a discovery of self for Eva. A growth of character, a chance for her to come to terms with her past, by embracing a future. Of course, the sexy, determined Nick Anscombe was an ideal key to unlock that part of Eva. To help her find herself in the end.

Book three, Shadow, was suspense driven. I wanted the reader to feel Abi's angst, to slip inside her head and tread that dangerous path away from her tragic past right along with her. Ben was her perfect match, someone who understood that need to run and hide. Together they helped each other out of the shadows.

Book four, the yet to be released Surrender, is all about letting yourself go. Taking that fateful step, despite the obstacles placed in your path, and giving yourself over to someone else. To me Katie & Jason's journey is like watching a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis. Although the path looks painful, the end result is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. This book was less suspenseful and more romantically intense than the others; the path it took me on as I wrote it was fantastic!

Book five, Shield, is being written right now and although I am over halfway through, and know how it will end, (well, pretty much), I have no set idea what I will write today. There's a couple of points I know need to be addressed in the next scene, but how they will be, and how the characters react, is a mystery. All I know is Marie and Pierce's path has been a slow burn, and now the inferno has ignited.

I even have an idea of where book six, Sabotage, will end, but how Kelly and Drew will get there is an enigma. But man, am I looking forward to finding out. What I do know is, it will be HOT!

So, that's what was on my mind this morning, and I thought I'd share. I do hope that you enjoy the differences in the romance stories I write, as much as the romances themselves. I know I do!

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