Thursday, September 19, 2013

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The Tempting Touch Of Fire by Nicola Claire

The Tempting Touch Of Fire

by Nicola Claire

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***Due for release: October 4th 2013 - A new sensual & erotic paranormal romance story... The Tempting Touch Of Fire***

'Oh, this was sweet torture. To be this close to nirvana and walk away because I am coy. I closed my eyes tightly and swallowed down my fears. Theo wanted me. Like this. He craved me, in any way he could get me. Even if I wasn’t his, even if this all was torn asunder tomorrow, how could I not take the chance to feel this, to share this, with him? Even if just for a moment.'

Description: Theo Peters is a flirt, and for the first time in Casey Eden's life she's flirting back. Then one morning, everything changes. The attraction that exists between them becomes a dangerous mix of temptation and forbidden desire. But the more Casey learns of the new preternatural world she has been thrust into, the more she realises that love is not always enough to conquer all.