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Reality Is Kicking In... The Hectic, Exciting, Non-Stop Action Of Releasing Three Books In Three Weeks.

It's been a hectic few weeks here at Nicola Claire HQ. If you didn't already know, we're in the middle of a three book release and it's all go, baby!

The Citizen Saga is a romantic suspense series set in a vibrant and multicultural city-state with invisible walls containing its citizens & strict rules that dictate their lives. It's action packed, adventurous, heartbreaking and thrilling. And it was perhaps one of the most fun books/series I've ever written.

I decided I really wanted you all to have the entire story as quickly as possible. So I wrote all three, worked hard to get them all edited and polished, and then published them one week after the other. To avoid those pesky wait times!

Elite is already out. Cardinal is due out in just over two days. And Citizen, the last exciting instalment in the trilogy, is due out on Oct 31st, 2014 (less than ten days away).

You can find out where to purchase/preorder each one here.

And just to get a glimpse at some of the characters from inside the books, here's Lena, our female protagonist, and her good friend, Tan. Reality is kicking in...


"Tell me what you're feeling. Right now. The emotion that captures you in this instant," he demanded, only loud enough for me to hear. Anyone would think we were whispering sweet nothings to each other. It helped that they couldn't see the expression in our eyes behind the shades.

"Confused?" I offered.

"It's a start. What else?"

I took a second to think about it. "Frustrated."

"Better. Go on."

"Angry," I added, my voice soft, belying the emotion.

Tan held my gaze, almost as though holding his breath, then whispered, "Why?"

Coffee beans whirring in the grinder filled my ears, the bang of the barista emptying sodden grounds into the dump bin joined in. Music and conversation and the voice from an advertisement running on a vid-screen added to the cacophony of noise around our little cocoon. I had the feeling that something was changing. Maybe something to do with our relationship, but I thought, perhaps, it was more profound than that.

"I hated taking it," I finally whispered, somehow loud enough for Tan to hear. We were so close now, I could feel his breath heating my lips. "I didn't want to."

"You never do," he pointed out, meaning that's not what was new. And he was right.

"He's dead." My voice was all but gone, only the reading of my lips allowed Tan to understand me.

"Wiped?" he mouthed back, horror coating his face and then in the next instant vanished from sight behind a Citizen appropriate mask.

I nodded.

He leaned back in his seat and stared out the window, blindly I think. In the middle of chaotic Wáikěiton, in a café filled to the brim with mindless Wánměi Citizens, on a day like any other in this city-state, I realised I wanted it to end. I wanted something else.

Not just a challenge. Not just a distraction from the boredom. Not just a reason to forget how my father died.

I wanted freedom.

Tan's eyes came back to me and he offered a small smile.

"Welcome to the real world, Lena. I've been waiting for you to arrive."


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Elite by Nicola Claire


by Nicola Claire

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Citizen (Citizen Saga, #3)

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Description: Have you been a model Citizen today?

The destruction of the Chief Overseers’ Palace was meant to bring about a change. But the streets of Wánměi are just as dangerous and just as falsely perfect as they ever were. Lena Carr, now a confirmed member of the revolution, hides in the shadows of the city-state she adores and works hard to undermine those in a position of authority.

But there are secrets among the Overseers…

The leaders of Wánměi would have you believe that the nation is model. That Wánměi provides all that you need. And many do still believe it. Battling propaganda and brainwashing becomes more insurmountable for the rebels each day.

But one person will never give up on a free Wánměi. Trent Masters has led the rebel army through some tough times, but now he faces the biggest battle of all. Convincing the Citizens of his beloved nation that there is more beyond the invisible, yet impenetrable, walls of Wánměi.

And to do that he needs Lena. Because without the Elite who has captured his heart, as easily as she moves across the rooftops of the city in the dead of a storm shrouded night, he won’t find the key that unlocks it all. But what that key unlocks will be the biggest shock of them all.

Citizen versus Citizen. The battle ends now!

Five Days To Go! Elite (Citizen Saga, #1) Coming Soon!

Just over 5 days to go until Elite hits the shelves for real! You can preorder all three books in this new trilogy now. Find out where here.

But today, we're taking a little peek at the first time Lena & Trent meet...


"I intend to discover all your secrets, Selena Carstairs," he whispered, in a voice that would surely not be picked up by any recording devices on board. "You are reckless and proud," he added, making my world cease spinning and all air leave my lungs. "But no match for me," he finished, just as the doors opened to the patient gazes of three entirely unexpected Elite.

He released me immediately. It was one thing to be witnessed steadying a woman on a train. But to be in such a compromising position for any length of time in front of Elites was just not done. He ran the risk of one of them messaging a friend on their cellphones and the Overseers picking it up. Even Cardinals didn't push the rules like that.

"Thank you," I said stiffly. "But I'm quite capable of making my own way from here."

He opened his mouth to argue, the intent clear on his hard face. A face that did not suffer from such a look. Only improved its character. Made the danger that surrounded him reach out and stroke delicious tendrils down my arms.

I rubbed them as I stepped back, closer to the exit. The Elites boarding as we'd taken too long, finding seats and watching us with amused expressions. Even they could be lured from their vid-screens on occasion.

The situation was escalating and the Cardinal knew it.

He sat down with a nod of his head, admitting silent defeat, and withdrew another cigarette almost nonchalantly.


And for those who missed it, you can hear me talk some kiwi speak when I unbox book one in The Citizen Saga here.

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Elite by Nicola Claire


by Nicola Claire

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