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Books, Books & More Books... Merry Christmas From Nicola Claire!

Merry Christmas from Nicola Claire!

It's been a busy twelve months. So many books, so many stories, and so much fun. Check out my Christmas message for 2014, take a peek at the latest release in the H.E.A.T. Series and the very last release for the year, due out on December 27th, again in the H.E.A.T. Series... just for you. ;)

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A Twist Of Heat by Nicola Claire

A Twist Of Heat

by Nicola Claire

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Thanks so much for a fantabulous year. You guys rock!


Writing From A Different POV & Ethan's Mental Locked Drawer.

One of the things I love best about writing a novella from a different point of view in a series is the chance to delve deeper into a supporting character, and through that deeper into the back story of the series.

H.E.A.T. is a series close to my heart, mainly because I've drawn on a lot of personal experiences in the emergency services, littered the story line with anecdotes, if you will, from my time as a paramedic. Some of those scenes are gritty, purely from a visceral point of view, but for me it wasn't just about the settings, it was also about Lara's reaction to those settings. That is, in some cases, my reaction to those settings.

There's a lot of me in Lara. But then there's a lot of me in Ethan too, because like his daughter he works in a high pressured, dangerous, dirty and tragic environment. He might be found more often behind a desk nowadays, than out on the streets staring paint sniffers down in a dingy alley on K Road, but he's been there, done that, and got the t-shirt to prove it.

Ethan and Lara have issues, that's not to say I do, (although I do hear voices inside my head, so that's debatable), but they are merely surviving in an environment that is hazardous and often treacherous to traverse. Each deals with it differently.

For Lara, she stays active, pushes the problem aside and keeps busy.

For Ethan, it's different. He files the problem away in a mental drawer, locks it, and throws the key away, never to think of it again.

They were two coping mechanisms I found intriguing as I wrote book one and book two of H.E.A.T. Lara's I got to play with, but Ethan, being only a support character, I could only daydream about.

Until A Twist Of Heat. This is Ethan's story. It's not all about erotic romance and his love for Haydee. It's about a powerful man with weaknesses, surviving the only way he knows how. It's about his mental locked drawer. His estranged relationship with Lara. His past, his guilt, his shame.

It's about his redemption and salvation, and the woman who helps him unlock that drawer.

Heavy stuff, eh? Not really, it's just life, mixed with love and sex and every human emotion available. Twist made me feel, I hope it makes you feel as well.

Grab your copy on pre-order at a reduced price and prepare to enter Ethan's twisted little world.

A Twist Of Heat (H.E.A.T. #2.5) at Amazon

And put a twist of heat into your night.

Pets Don't Speak, They Scream...

I had a lot of fun writing A Twist Of Heat (H.E.A.T. #2.5). It grew from a connection to one of the supporting cast in HEAT #2 into a love story that was twisted and devoted and entirely enthralling.

For me, as a writer, I need that connection to my characters, that draw to the storyline unfolding, that need to see where they go, what they do. I found it in Ethan. And I fell for him, completely.

This is a stand alone short story. It's pure erotica, not romantic crime-thriller. And it's sizzling hot...

Grab your copy on preorder for a fraction of the retail price:

A Twist Of Heat (H.E.A.T. #2.5) at Amazon

And put a twist of heat into your night.

Description: This one is from the heart; a thank you to all my readers; a sexy, seriously naughty, delightfully twisted novella about redemption, forgiveness and love. Oh, and it involves a very long chain and a man who knows how to use it. Enjoy! - Nicola Claire 

"I sometimes wonder if life had gone differently would I be a different man? It’s hard to say. I can’t imagine being any other way. I am who I am and I relish it. I breathe the air I want to breathe. I drink the wine I want to drink. I touch the flesh I want to touch. I am in control of my world and no one can tear it asunder."

Ethan Keen lives by a certain set of strict rules. Secrecy and discretion are paramount. And memories must stay locked away in a mental drawer. It makes him hard and uncompromising. It means his role as Superintendent of South Auckland Police is kept clean of all that taints his private life.

It means he hasn't spoken to his daughter in six long years.

And then a new pet arrives. On his doorstep, eyes downcast, face serene. Her grace is exquisite. Her silence a siren call to his soul. Her surrender is his undoing. But also his salvation. For his sweet Haydee he'll break his rules. For his sweet Haydee he'll remember.

Wild passions ignite in a twist of heat that sears them both together. And for Ethan, nothing will ever be the same again.

NB: This delicious erotic companion novella to the H.E.A.T. series is a stand alone story. You do not have to read any of the previous H.E.A.T. books to enjoy this hot & sizzling adventure. However, events in this book take place during A Touch Of Heat and may contain plot spoilers.

Ethan is a Dom who takes what he wants and delivers unending pleasure in the form of controlled release. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!